Your Power Over Me

I notice that when people tell me that I am strong and capable, I step up, inspired to explore my potential more.  When people believe in me, I remember to believe in myself.  As I notice that people have this power over me, I realize that we all have this power over each other. Recently I read some words by Michael Franti.  He said every night he asks his partner "Who did you make feel significant today? And if you didn't today, do it tomorrow and then tell me about it."  This is a beautiful practice to do with a child or an adult.

Spiritual goals are so wonderfully lofty; total liberation, complete freedom, pure peace and joy, vital health, living to one's full potential.   Before we reach the stage of not needing anyone or anything, we need each other.  We are not meant to reach these goals alone.  Community, Sangha, Family, Friends, we are here to help each other.

The more we remind others of their strength, capacity, purity, wonder, the more we will remember our own.  What a beautiful dance.

Eventually our own example will inspire others to live fully.  But, let us not wait or assume anything.  Use your words to help your children and everyone around you remember their capacity.

Traditionally, when practicing Sun Salutations there are 12 mantras that are recited; one with each salutation.   As you say the mantra at the beginning of each sun salute, you remember and awaken those qualities within yourself.  With each salutation, you bow to the you who is:

1. friendly to all (Om Mitraya Namah)

2. the cause for change (Om Ravaye Namah)

3. initiates activity (Om Suryaya Namah)

4. diffuses light (Om Bhanave Namah)

5. moves in the sky through all obstacles (Om  Khagaye Namah)

6. nourishes self and others (Om Pushne Namah)

7. contains everything; is inseparable from everything (Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namah)

8. possesses rays of light (Om Marichaye Namah)

9. God of Gods (Om Aadityaya Namah)

10. produces everything (Om Savitre Namah)

11. fit to be worshipped, worthy of praise (Om Arkaya Namah)

12.  the cause for luster (Om Bhaskarayah Namah)

Mila is a little too young right now, but as soon as she is old enough, I would like to make it a morning ritual to do 12 sun salutations with her, reciting the above mantras and meanings.

I would also like to take Michael Franti's question and make asking it a nightly family ritual.  Please join me.

May we all help each other to live our highest potential and remove all self-doubt.