"The depth of Reema’s gift can be felt in her teachings as well as her music.  It is no wonder she carries on a tradition that goes back generations in her family.  I recommend Reema to my own family and friends and am sure those who experience yoga with Reema will be touched by her presence and offerings, as have I."



The practices and teachings of Yatri have been the most powerful tools for inner-transformation I've ever experienced. During Reema's Yatri Teacher Training I was able to release anger and attachments that I have been holding since birth. Yatri gave me the tools to find a true, lasting peace that decades of therapy had not provided.

- Sophia Marlantes, 200-hour YATRI Teacher Training Graduate


"Yatri has opened me to heal on a deeper level than I ever imagined was possible. This training has been the most transformative and powerful experience of my life."

-Shari Martin, 200-hour YATRI Teacher Training Graduate



"Reema is that rare person who radiates purity of essence and intention and has the ability to inspire these qualities in others just by entering the room. I know because I've experienced it."

-Edie Brickell



Reema's blend of movement, sound, breath-work,  didactic teaching and experiential psycho-spiritual exercises was amazing.  With grace, humor and brilliance, she led us articulately and humbly down the path to a wonderful circle of sacred sharing, healing and blissful connection."    

- Maria Cook


"I learned enough to last a lifetime."

- Fletcher Boad, 200-hour YATRI Teacher Training Graduate


"Reema is a beautiful messenger from the world of hope and transcendence. You can hear and feel her energy going to work on your inner knots leaving just the pure light of spirit exposed."

-Daily Om


"It was a great honor to have Reema Datta speak at our "Who is my Neighbor" series.  She got right to the heart of the matter by talking about our feelings of separation from one another versus the realization that we are indeed one."  

- Reverend Edward Poling


"When I first showed up to "Yatri: Yoga for Emotional Healing" with Reema Datta, I was a mess of social anxiety, stress and self-loathing.  By the end, I had joined a group who had collectively experienced remarkable grace, serenity and wisdom from Reema.  Reema made it easy to be comforted through the practices as well as equipping us with the resources to be able to share that comfort with others. " 

- Bevin Duncan


"I have finally found a yoga teacher who is rooted in the lineage, versed in the knowledge, experienced in the practice and humble enough to relate to.  Now, and only now, I can dedicate myself to this rich tradition."                            

-Liza Pascal


"Reema's teachings have become immediately valuable in my life.  After just Module One of "Yoga for Emotional Healing," I have felt a shift in my perspective.  I have become a much more patient and loving person. I'm so excited to see the changes to come as I learn more of this beautiful wisdom from such a truly beautiful and wise teacher." 

 - Sarah McAlexander


"Reema's recent talk at our school offered a rare chance for our faculty and students to learn from her inspiring story and very evident mastery of her craft. Of particular interest to me was her understanding of how our thoughts and feelings impact our mental and physical health and how movement and song can assist our well-being. I felt as if I was reawakened not only to my humanity, but also to an inner wisdom we all have.  Her gentle, warm, intelligent, and unpretentious style is a gift to all who are in her presence."

- Susan Rahauser, MS, LPC, NCC
Director of Student Counseling Services, Mercersburg Academy


"Reema easily bridges the Western and Indian worlds in her unique approach and perspective. She brings compassion, tenderness and profound knowledge to her greatly respected teachings and Yoga practices." 

      -Danny Paradise, International Yoga Instructor



Reema is a gifted teacher. Her ability to take esoteric ancient teachings and make them understandable is a gift to any student lucky enough to find themselves in one of her classes.  She has inspired me to pursue the direct experience of emptiness.  What more can we do for one another?  What a difference she is making.

-Susan Zafer


Zainab Salbi

Reema is the most authentic, excellent, and amazing teacher I have ever met. She not only talks the talk, but walks the walk in all aspects of her life.

Reema carries and teaches beauty through her wisdom, yoga, cooking and music. She believes in making yoga accessible to the most marginalized all over the world. I know she will contribute a lot not only to us as individuals but to our thinking as a woman's organization dedicated to helping   socially excluded women.

- Zainab Salbi, Activist and Humanitarian 


"Reema has spent many years traveling the world teaching Yoga. She is also a great musician whose eyes sparkle with divinity and compassion. Reema’s seminars on spirituality, yoga and music are truly inspiring. I was very happy to have her share her spirit, teachings, and talents with my staff at IVAC."

- Dr. Talavane Krishna, Founder and Director, IVAC, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Center, Mysore, India


"Reema's well-grounded approachability, worldly experience and deep knowledge of all things yoga on a mental, spiritual and physical level bring wisdom well beyond her years to the mat."

-Mike Upchurch, Studio Owner, Nashville, TN


"Reema's workshops offer a means to self-understanding. Self-understanding, however, can be frightening. In Reema's supportive presence, the journey to self-understanding is not frightening but nourishing." 

Geraldine Ng, Oxford, UK


"Reema is a walking angel.  I learned things from her that will change my practice and teaching forever."

Hannah Phillips, Memphis, TN


"I listen to reema's cd during yoga classes - my students love her voice while they practice. I also listen to it myself during meditation - it's such a nice way to sing mantra, and it’s the only way to calm down my dog! When I put on Reema’s cd, he lays down and listens.... Her voice is truly angelic and reaches all beings - with two and four legs!"

- Stacia Leach, Ngare Sero Mountain Lodge, Tanzania


"Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! What more can one say?? Reema's music has soul, like Reema, and is as pure and sweet as her heart. Memphis loves Reema."

- Margot, Yoga Instructor, Memphis, TN


“A very much needed book. These skillfully explained Sanskrit words will bring Westerners to a deeper understanding and experience of yoga, samadhi, and anandam—an integral part of the evolution of our planet in relationship to the universe. Namaste. Hari Om.”

- Alan Finger, Founder, Ishta Yoga, NY, NY on Reema's Book: Sacred Sanskrit Words for Yoga, Chant and Meditation


:The perfect book for yoga teachers like myself who want to learn the meaning of the most often used Sanskrit words. The writing is exceptionally clear and easy to understand, and encourages and inspires the reader to go forward and learn more!"

- Suza Francina, author, The New Yoga for Living Longer, Ojai, CA


"...A must-have for anyone who is new and serious about exploring the subject further. Also recommended for advanced practitioners who may want to brush-up on their Sanskrit."

- Yoga Magazine (UK), "Ask Yogi Dr. Malik" Sacred Sanskrit Words for Yoga, Chant and Meditation