Motherhood, Husbands, Homes

Namaste, Friends,

I had no idea what motherhood and yoga would look like.  I thought I would have a house and a husband but life had other plans.  I could resist life and grasp to what is not, or open with curiosity to what is.  

Two years ago, I did a lot of resisting, but, thankfully, there came a moment, when I decided to let go and open. YATRI was born.  It encompasses everything that brought me from darkness to light: Personal Responsibility, Wisdom, Tribe, Accountability, Motivation, Movement, Meditation, Communication, Art, Nutrition and Service.  Yatri is a holistic experience of yoga that dives deep into yoga's therapeutic roots for lasting peace and healing.  

Yatri is now on tour!  I write from Helsinki airport, on my way to Crete, then England, then Washington State and Kauai.  My daughter, Mila, will be with me for most trips except Crete, but next time she comes to Crete! 

When I left Portland, Oregon over two years ago, fresh into single motherhood and out of my home where my landlords decided to not renew my lease, I leapt back to the east coast.  I left my work in Portland, my friends, my daughter's pre-school, her friends, our community, everything that started to feel like home.  It was painful but something inside me knew it had to happen.

I jumped. The net appeared.  It didn't appear from thin air.  It appeared from intention, trust, faith, focus, hard work, a willingness to lean on my east coast community of family and friends, and a fierce determination to honor my svadharma, the Sanskrit word for an individual's unique life purpose.  

Yatri is my svadharma.  Spreading Yatri is like riding the wave of life that brings me home wherever I go.  It's not the form of the home that matters, just the riding of the wave.  

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Yatri is the Sanskrit word for "traveler," one who journeys inwards for a direct experience of truth and lasting peace.  Antidotes for anxiety, attachment, anger, depression and fear are taught through practices based in Indian and Tibetan Yoga, Psychotherapies and Shamanism.

Yatri is not affiliated with a specific religion or faith. We combine ancient practices with contemporary science to experience primordial truths that have been recognized by wisdom keepers worldwide.  

Look forward to seeing you at one of our events.  

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Thank you.