Sacred Site

As sacred land is violated in North Dakota, I wonder how often we violate the sacred land that is our bodies.  Just like Mother Earth desperately needs to be honored, I feel a call to honor our bodies as well.  May we remember how sacred the land of our bodies is, how precious and sacred intimacy is and to make sure the people we let in respect our sacred land.    

Remember: Your body is a temple.  You are a sacred site.  Honor yourself.  Be with those that honor you.

The body is often starved for nourishment, respect and honor.  Touch is precious.  Your body is sacred.  As we demand respect for Mother Earth, remember you are inseparable from Her.  Make sure you and the people close to you respect your body too.  

If we honor our bodies and hold ourselves in high integrity, others will do the same.  If we can do this with each other, it will affect how we treat and touch Mother Earth.

The Upanisads, one of the oldest known yoga scriptures, states, "If you think the Deity is one and you another, you do not know. You are that."  You are the God, the Goddess, the Mother, the Earth.  You are precious and divine.  Every moment you share with another is a gift. You are worthy of praise, honor and of being treated as sacred. 

Do you honor your body as sacred land? Do the people close to you do the same? Your healing is dependent on the people you surround yourself with. Your healing is in your hands.  Act.  Be with those that hold you in the highest light.  Hold yourself in light.  

Om. Aho. Sat Nam.