Unrequited Love

It is what we give that matters.  Not what we get.

Let go of the results of your actions!!!  This is one of the main messages in the yoga scriptures and I am just starting to realize its profundity.

If I feel like I am not going to get love back, I realize I hesitate to give love.  I hold back, flirting with fear, resentment, anger, jealousy.

But, if I just give love without expecting anything in return and without the fear of how the other will respond, what I am left with is pure good vibes within.

If I hesitate to give and spiral into fear, all I feel is dark, knotted up, sad, confused, frustrated.

I can let the hesitation and fear go, and just open my heart and share my truths; give my love. I feel so good doing this, the response ceases to matter so much.

In the end, it is what we give that matters.  It is what we give that keeps the channels within the body open, clear, flowing, healthy.

It is fear and hesitation that cause knots, imbalance, dis-ease.

So, I feel committed to giving without being concerned about the response or the results. And, this feels so liberating!

Sometimes it takes years for a yoga concept to turn into realization.

Patience and Perseverance.