Bedtime magic

Mama: Where were you before you came into mommy’s tummy?

Mila: I don’t know.

Mama: But, how did you get into mommy’s tummy?

Mila: I found you. I picked you.  Then I came in and I ate and I grew.

Mama: ohhh…(heart melting…)  and, what about daddy?

Mila: I picked him too. that daddy.

Mama:  Why did you pick us?

Mila: Because I liked you guys.  I just liked you.

Mama:  ……wow, I’m so lucky….(hugs…………….)

A few mornings later…

Mama: How did you find mommy and daddy?

Mila: I followed your footsteps.

Mama: Where were our footsteps?

Mila: In the sand.

Mama: Oh.

Mila: You and Daddy were having a picnic.  You were eating sandwiches.

Mama: Oh.

Mila: Then I came into your tummy and told you to go to Portland.

Mila was conceived on Kauai where her dad and I had picnics in the sand.  When I was five months pregnant, I kept getting this feeling to move to Portland, OR, a place I had only spent two days in my entire life.