"The medicine that cures me is the medicine that cures everyone. We are all God."

Having a baby is like having God arrive in your home.  Except this little God needs you to care for her/him.  And, it is such joy.  This pure, precious spirit in your home, blessing you, brightening you.  We love, we laugh and even in the midst of exhaustion and struggle, we are grateful and honored to have them in our lives. What happens when we little ones grow into adults?  We forget that we are God.  We forget that each other is God!  We stop treating each other like the miracles that we are.

"The medicine that cures me is the medicine that cures all.  We are all God." - These are lyrics to a beautiful, indigenous song of South America.  Such lyrics are found in the Yoga traditions of South Asia as well.  When singing mantra in the yoga tradition, it is understood and stated clearly in the scriptures: "We sing to the deity to awaken the deity within.  If you think the deity is one and you another, you do not know.  There is no separation."

We are all God.  What if we admit this and begin to treat each other with profound respect.  Every being, divine.  Every being, a pure joy to serve rather than a burden.  Every being, a teacher, rather than someone who makes us angry, jealous or prideful.  Every interaction, nothing less than a miracle.

We were not easy as babies.  We gave our parents a tough time and they still loved and took care of us completely.  Well, we are still not easy as adults but can we love each other completely?  Can we still listen to and care for each other like the sensitive and vulnerable beings that we are?

Forgetting that each of us is precious and ceasing to treat each other as God is the beginning of hurt, pain, violence and all of the suffering in the world.

May we remember.