The Great Mother Spirit

I experience the Great Spirit as a Goddess. The Mother of all Mothers. The Creator; she gives Life and She also takes it. I feel Her energy as exquisite Love. I see Her form as formless; countless shapes, sizes, colors, textures; all encompassed by radiant light. We all come from Her. And, we all go back to Her. She is Life and She is Death. When I remember Her Love, when I take time to connect with Her, even the fear of Death lessens. Even the sadness of those who have passed, decreases.

When I remember that my daughter came from Her light, my ego softens. When I understand how powerful and enormous She is, my ego is obliterated. My daughter, not even two years old, is still close to Her. When she cries for me, she is crying for Her. My ego gone, I begin to see that I am a part of Her. She lives inside me. My daughter recognizes Her in me, and I am honored.

I am honored that this Great Spirit gave me life, gave my daughter life, gave my Mother life. She gave all beings Life. It is easier for me to see and love all life forms as my Sisters and Brothers as I remember the Great Spirit Mother from which we all come. This awareness powers my love to flow towards all.

I know the only way to stay close to Her is to love all life. Forgive, Understand, Give. Be Spacious in my Heart. When I am Love, I am with Her.

If I can see and be Love even in the most difficult, hurtful moments, I stay with Her. When the lines dissolve between Her, me, every life form, there is peace, understanding, a platform to live life fully, merge meaningfully with the Her in every person, plant, drop of water, wisp of air.

Identifying myself and all beings as a part of the Great Spirit makes life much more interesting and rich than identifying with the little, ego "me," apparently separate from all else, apparently "doing" "feeling" "living" on my own.

In the Upanisads, one of the oldest known texts on yoga, it is said, "if you think the Deity is one and you another, you do not know."