Motherhood has brought yoga teachings to life for me.  My daughter, Mila is sixteen months old.  Being receptive to her wisdom and love helps me embrace the beauty and challenges of motherhood and realize some of yoga's most profound lessons.

I have created this blog to share my experiences and to also hear yours. Whether you are a Mother, Father, Uncle, Aunt, Grandpaernt or Parent-to-be, please join me. As we engage and support each other, we can help one another use parenting as the perfect platform that it is for spiritual growth.

I had been teaching yoga for 10 years before I had Mila.  I traveled to India, Europe, and across America in search of my perfect teacher.  One morning about two years ago, I was meditating and asking for my teacher to appear in my life.  I was praying that I could have the opportunity to be close to him/her.  Later that day, to my absolute surprise, I found out that I was pregnant.

Motherhood has brought to life so many of the teachings of yoga I was familiar with before having Mila.  One of the things Mila teaches me about is 


; complete truthfulness. 


 is found in the first limb of the classical eight-limb path of yoga.  Mila inspires me to be transparent with myself and others.  To be transparent is to embrace vulnerability, and this can be scary. Yet after watching Mila be so free in expressing whatever she is feeling in every moment for sixteen months, I am convinced that transparency is one of the most beautiful qualities one can have.

Mila beams with love and excitement to see me, and she screams with frustration when I don't understand her.  I wonder why I sometimes hesitate to show my love and affection to those that I am close to.  I wonder why I don't try hard enough to express my needs and to be understood.  I often hide my feelings; the good and the bad. I see that Mila never does. Mila is unbounded and grounded in her truth. She is completely present, and free of self-judgement and the mental anxieties that come with it. Whether she is laughing or screaming, her authenticity helps me understand her, and better love and serve her.

Sociologist Brene Bruno says, "Vulnerability is not a weakness.  To be honest and to let ourselves be seen is the most accurate measure of courage."

As I embrace this quality, I share my journey with you. Please freely write your comments below.

The original yoga teachings are life teachings, free of dogma and religious ties. Yoga practices are designed to create space in the mind, body, and heart so practitioners can open to peace, kindness, acceptance, truth, unconditional love, joy, stillness, and a wisdom that knows how reality works.  As yoga frees us of physical blocks and mental afflictions, each practitioner experiences these teachings directly from the heart, leading to ultimate freedom and empowerment.

How has being a parent contributed to your spiritual experiences and realizations?

More soon.

Thank you for joining me.