Yoga For Emotional Healing

Learn potent meditations and specific asanas to move through attachments and anger.

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   Yoga for Emotional Healing E-Course Description:

Transform Negative Thought-Patterns and Emotions through Asana, Meditation and Wisdom Teachings

What can you do when the mind is clouded and you are overcome with emotions such as  anger, anxiety, attachment and depression?

The yogis offer specific teachings to be with and move though kleshas, a Sanskrit word meaning "thoughts and emotions that disturb the mind.  

In this set of e-courses, you will learn wisdom teachings and sequences of asana, meditation and pranayama rooted in classical Tibetan and Indian Yoga designed to counter the major kleshas, loosen physical knots in the body and create a platform within for vibrant mental and physical health & emotional healing.

As you understand how to nurture your mind and body to experience the negative less and the positive more, you will have more joy and love to give to others.

Each four-week course offers:

*Asana and pranayama sequences to transform each klesha.

*Meditations to change thought-patterns while practicing specific asanas. 

*Understanding of how specific emotions affect the subtle and gross body

*In-depth wisdom teachings rooted in Tibetan and Indian Yoga to understand, heal and transform each klesha.

The courses will give you tools to design individualized yoga classes - including asana, pranayama and meditation - according to which klesha you, your students or private clients are facing.  You will be able to heal yourself and offer deep healing to others.